We're recruiting a new Treasurer!

Come be part of a great team!

multitasking librarian with four arms
  • Collect dues and other SLA funds and keep track of finances. 
  • Make financial records available for the SLA president to view, and available upon request to any member of the executive council.
  • Attend officer meetings and disclose the balance of
  • SLA funds at all meetings. (Executive board meetings are held every two weeks, you can attend either in person or connect in Google Hangouts using your NetID.)

You must…

  • Be awesome.
  • Be willing to collaborate with awesome people.
  • Be a SIRLS student living in Tucson.

Please submit your nominations by November 8th!

Email K.D. Hubbard
current UASLA secretary

Why should a grad student join SLA?

Two very good posts. Or rather, one very good one and one by me.




SIRLS 504 meet-n-greet, the new semester

The School of Information Resources and Library Science 504 class will have its meet-and-greet January 3 at 5:30 on the fifth floor of the UA Main Library. If any UA-SLA members would like to come and gently encourage new students to join (trust me, we need it), that would be great. Email uastudentslagroup@gmail.com for more info or to say "I'll do it!"

With the new semester, hopefully we can get UA-SLA up and running and functioning once again. To do so, though, I'm going to need help. Anyone interested in being an officer in UA-SLA? It's great for your resume, and you'll also earn the pride of knowing you were part of a good, useful organization on campus.

As always, for more on UA-SLA, visit sirls.arizona.edu/SLA or email us at the above address. We have big plans for the spring semester, but we can't do it without you.

-Jeremiah Paschke-Wood
UA-SLA president

February 28th Joint Meeting

SIRLS Orgs Meeting -=28 Feb Notes

 Stacey works Thursdays until 6pm (away from campus) – note for scheduling upcoming meetings.

SAA – officially agreed to collaborate with SLA on movie night - details to be determined (Julian had to leave meeting early)

LSO Symposium – received info regarding symposium proposals and possible keynote speakers.

 Keynote speaker discussion: from list, we voted for a list of the top 3 choices (first round) for speakers.


Determination of session lengths, so far no poster sessions,all presenters want to do presentations.

PLG – has grant out for food

Stacey – is now being included in email chain re webpagedevelopment for preregistration. 

Need Police aide between 9-1 at CCP morning of symposium.

20 minute sessions for all presenters – leaves time forquestions, setup, tech issues, etc.

30 minute sessions for speakers.

Fwd Stacey email from Andie re photo project location. 

PLG – call for volunteers librarians – 4 hour blocks, “books”2-hour blocks.  March 10-11,9am-5pm.  If interested contact StephenP. (Stacey will add call for volunteers to UASLA blog). 

PLG Needs Help!

PLG (Progressive Librarian's Guild) is hosting a Human Library at the Tucson Festival of Books. They desperately need more volunteers to be Human Books and Librarians.  See a message from Stephan from PLG below:

"Human Library "Book" Registration is extended to March 5th and books get a free T-shirt!!!

Pride Alliance and the Progressive Librarians Guild are looking forvolunteers to participate in a Human Library, to be held at the Tucson Festivalof Books from 9am-5pm on Saturday March 10 and Sunday March 11 (shifts will bescheduled in 2 hour blocks, according to your schedule). Have you experienced prejudice or discrimination? Feel misunderstood? Feel stereotyped?

This is your chance to dispel the myths!

What Will I Be Doing?

Volunteers will serve as human “books” and help “readers” betterunderstand people of different backgrounds and cultures.  The ‘books’ in the Human Library are people who represent groupsfrequently confronted with prejudices and stereotypes, and who are oftenvictims of discrimination or social exclusion. The ‘reader’ of the book can beanybody who is ready to talk about their own prejudices and stereotypes andwant to spend a few minutes getting to know someone new. In the Human Library,books cannot only speak, but they are able to reply to the readers' questions,and the books can even ask questions and learn themselves!

The human books are checked out for one-on-one, respectfulconversations that will last about 20 minutes. This unique opportunity allowsthe books and readers together to raise awareness of the biases and prejudicesthat we all have. The program ultimately promotes appreciation for differencesin background and culture. Examples of books range from Tea Party membersto police officers, liberals, academic librarians, people with disabilities,ex-gang members, someone who identifies as LGBTQ, communists, Muslims, membersof the military, avid sports fan, union organizer, political activist, poet,astrologer, male nanny, senior, lawyer - the list is endless! If you have everfelt you are being judged because of how you look or who you are, and you arewilling to have a conversation about that experience, we want you as a title inour Human Library. More information about the Human Library can be found at humanlibrary.org.

How toSign-Up

Please fill out a google form at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHQ0ekpvYlY2eEVyMHBkbnJaVS1UWXc6MQno later than March 5. In preparation for the form, please have thefollowing information available:

§  Your BookDescription (see below for format rules and examples, you may choose up to 3identities that you are willing to represent)

§  YourAnticipated Schedule (Please select as many 2 hour blocks as you are availablethroughout the weekend-Final schedule will be sent out in early March)

Instructions for Book Descriptions:

To be able to create thecatalogs, we need to have each book’s title and a brief description that willserve as the catalog entry. Despite the examples below, the title doesn’t haveto be just one word - just make it as simple as possible. One of the goals ofthe Human Library is to address stereotypes and biases that can exist betweenpeople. Because of this, the catalog entries usually include typicalstereotypes associated with the title. If you are comfortable listingstereotypes associated with your title, it will help readers identify their ownbiases and, we hope, give the two of you a chance to dispel some of them. Thiscan be a challenging exercise, so feel free to ask us for suggestions or, evenbetter, ask your friends/families/co-workers. There are no right answers tothis!

**Please get this information to us by WednesdayFebruary 29**

Here are a few examples, basedon a Human Library in Michigan:

Vegetarian (vegan- doesn’t eat animals or animal products):

Are they druggies, healthy, hippies, liberals,nature-oriented, outspoken, pale, skinny, weird, thoughtful of environment,animal rights people?

Home-schooler (studenteducated at home):

Are they anti-social, lonely, pale, quiet, religious,sheltered, shy, snobbish, socially inept who have no friends?

Jehovah’s Witness (religiousfaith):

Arethey annoying, arrogant, cult members, outspoken radicals, too outgoing,well-dressed, honest, kind “door knocker”?

Lawyer (occupation):

Are they argumentative, deceptive, dishonest, greedy, goodliars, rich, sly, smooth talkers, power hungry, shysters?

Liberal (political):

Are they atheists, creative, liars, smart, “out there,” laidback, “all feeling, no reason,” accepting of all, taking risks, loving change,socialists
**You maychoose up to 3 identities that you are willing to represent

If you have any questions, please email Stephan at seprzy@email.arizona.edu



Stephan Elizander Przybylowicz"

January Meeting Minutes

Attendees: 9

SIRLS ORGS combined meeting is Tuesday, February 7, 6:30pm in the SIRLS multipurpose room. Hope to See you there!

Interests of new attendees: archives, special collections

Movie Night Update:

Need to find a location, possibly a public library
Different licensing options are available depending on location.
Marketing will be conducted at a state level with Student and Professional LIS organizations.
We can charge admission as well as advertise for donations from people who may not be able to attend.

New SLA Website:
feedback is appreciated.

Interview Project and Field Trips:
Partner with SAA for field trip to Phoenix, State Archives?
Ann will contact SLA liaison for possible list of AZ special libraries.

Resume writing session.  Possible all student orgs participate and ask local LIS professionals to attend for critiques.

Available Officer Positions: 
Event Coordinator
Tasks:  club communications, collaborate with presenters/interviewees, send content to Social Media Coordinator for posting.

January Meeting! - Updated

Welcome back!  UASLA's first meeting of the semester will be: 

When:  Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 at 6:30pm
Where: The Cellar Bistro, UA Student Union
Interested in special libraries/information settings?  Want to know just what is considered a special library?  Well, come to the next UASLA meeting to learn all that, plus hear about how you can take part in:

  • exciting upcoming field trips  - meet local LIS professionals and learn about unique work settings
  • fun events being planned for the Spring 2012 semester - we've got some exciting activities in the works!
Hope to see you there!